Monday, April 13, 2009

Chris "Blue" Christensen

You are one funny guy! We want to remember every little bit of you! From your big bear hugs to your hilarious laugh to the way you loved Michelle..... Please leave your comments so the family can read them. XOXO We love you blue.


  1. What are we going to do with out those sloppy kisses and big hugs at the family partys? We will miss your big spirit and happy energy you always had with you! Never a dull moment around that fun lovin' Chris of ours! God be with US till we meet again. I feel blessed to have known you! We love you and all the family!

  2. Thank you so much for this blog. Chris was the best Sunday School teacher I ever had. I think we stayed with him for 3 years because we didn't want to go to any other teachers' class. Chris filled any room he was in with laughter and pure excitement. I know that heaven is alive with laughter with him there.

    Much love,

    MaryJane Tanner Jarman

  3. From a selfish standpoint we will miss you dearly, and I'm sure you even now have thoughts of your family whom you have left all to soon, having been called home but what a reunion has taken place on the other side. We grieve with those left behind and celebrate a life lived so fully, yet cut too short. We love you Blue and those whom you leave behind.

    Blue, thanks for bringing such life to the annual family gatherings and even though we didn't see much of you and your cute family during the year, we were still able to pick things back up as if no time had passed since our last big Bear Hug. We'll miss the lighthearted clean up as you and Michelle wielded the hose and sprayed things off while we ran around and emptied the garbage... The Gatherings just wont be the same.

    Thanks for taking care of Robbie at the Pharmacy just a week ago, she came home singing your praises and reiterated just how much she loved you and Michelle.

    Michelle, Richard, Linda, and Family.. you are in our thoughts and prayers that our Heavenly Father will bless you with comfort and a firm knowledge of the eternal purpose of life and families.

    We love you!

    Tode and Robbie

  4. What a loss- Your family will be in our families thoughts and prayers. I hope you will feel comfort during this difficult time. Families are forever!
    All our love,
    Mike and Ashlee
    ( Tode and Robbies favorite daughter ;] )

  5. Oh Man! What else is there to say. Chris you were always so cheerful and fun. Always so full of life. Even though there were lots of years between us you were always sure that you made me feel apart of things. Whether it was teasing me or just making sure I got a big hug and kiss! I sure love you! My heart goes out to eveyone who knows you because of our GREAT loss. I'm so grateful for our Savior and for his plan. What would we do without it? Michelle, Richard, Linda, and family I love you guys and hope you know that I am here for you. I love you all.
    Chris, I love you! Until we meet again!
    Suzi & Aaron Abeyta

  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We love Chris and he will truly be missed. What an incredible guy! We love you and we know that we will be with you again.

    With all of our love,
    TJ and Alex Davis
    (Tode and Robbie's other favorite daughter)

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  8. You're my Boy Blue...and I still have never been to Disneyland! :(

    We will miss you...hugs forever!!

    Colette A. Colovich (Danmark '92-'93)

  9. Chris you were the best sunday school teacher that I have ever had. I was only in your classes that I remember paying attention the whole time and still have a really good time. I think it was in the third year of you teaching, (we won't go to anyother class), that you told us that there was this girl that you really liked and wanted to marry her. Of course we all approved, not that it really mattered. I am blessed for having known you in this life. I know that you are still having fun and have a new crowd to tell your jokes to. Thanks for the lasting memories and tesitomy that you helped strengthen.
    Lynda, you were like a second mom to me for many years from Laurels to Kingsbury Hall. My heart aches for you and my prayers always include you and your family.
    We Love you Chris and your family!!!

  10. Chris always seemed to be in motion. When we got to a family event he was there giving out kisses and hugs and then off to the next person, room, or conversation to add his two bits. It seemed he didn't know how to sit still when he was with people he loved. He is one of the most animated people with his eyes huge to take in everything and everyone. My memories of Chris include staying up all night at a sleep over and watching the sun come up, lots of laughing, the desk with all the Star Wars treasures, and the consistant "Good to see you, glad you're here" that I received anytime I saw him. Love you Chris, so glad you are near and that we will always have you to watch out for us.

  11. In Denmark Aelste Christensen was someone with whom you hoped you got to serve. His sense of humor and love for the danish people was known by all of the missionaries. I was lucky to get to know him afterward and when I think of him I smile. What a truly warm and fun person!
    Love, Sos. Felt, Danmark '93-'94

  12. Chris' personality filled the room. It was impossible not to smile when he was around. I haven't seen him in many years but can only imagine how much fun he was as a father. My kids have even heard stories of the man with an office full of toys. he was a joy to everyone and will be missed by all.
    Love, Erin Merkley Hughes

  13. When Chris took time to find you in the busy
    crowd you knew for just a moment you had his full attention. This was your chance to pick his brain, receive a complement or share a memory. He always made the rounds and I was never left out. There must be a need for humor
    on the other side because they keep taking all
    the fun ones. No one will ever fill Chris's shoes we love him so much. May those who are
    caring for you now love you as we do. How blessed they will be to have you teach them the
    gospel and help them remember the Savior and
    all that he does for us. Michelle, know that we love you and know of your loneliness and
    heart ache at this time. I pray for you and
    know that the Lord is aware of you and will
    bless you.Give all those Christensen's a kiss
    and a hug from us Chris.. Love Aunt Karen

  14. Chris and "the Fellas" were some of my favorite people (and dates!) in high school. Chris, you always seemed larger than life, an positive energy force brightening everything with which you came in contact. You inspired me to be more positive and confident just by being your wonderful self. Thanks for being part of some of my best memories. God bless you where you are now, and your loved ones who must be missing you desperately right now.
    Mindy Hunter Larsen

  15. Dear Michelle, Richard ,Lynda and Family,
    Our thoughts and prayers have been directed towards you over the last couple of days. We have reflected on many fond memories of "Blue" and his darling family. His warmth and genuine concern for all will be greatly missed. We pray that you will feel the spirit of the comforter at this most difficult time. We have all been blessed to have been associated with such a loving, fun and gentle man. Know how much we love and care for the entire Christensen family. Sending all our love and support
    Dave & Suzie Matheson

  16. I will always think of Blue when I hear "Forever Young" or any song by Sting. I will think of him when ever I watch Seinfeld or whenever I see a new baseball hat that he would love. I will think of him next time I am in Newport at the Crab Cooker. If ever someone comes up to me and says Merry Christmas and it's the middle of summer I think I will break down into tears!
    I met Chris back in 7th grade and we were inseparable. We told each other then that no matter what happened in life we would be there for each other. Well, he was always there for me. No matter how much time passed or what kind of mess I was in he always kept that promise. I am so grateful to have known him and to have been lifted up and inspired by him. He truly lead a Christlike life from beginning to end.
    The Christensen family always treated me as though I was part of their family. Dick and Linda were so loving and kind to all of Chris' friends. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Michelle is so sweet! Please know that Erin and I love you and the kids. We are praying for you multiple times every day.
    With love,
    James Bennett

  17. Chris brought so much energy to Diana Hills Way. His influence as a neighbor, a gospel doctrine teacher, a very special friend will never be forgotten. Our hearts are with and our arms are around Michelle, Joe, Jack, and Kate. With love, Geoff and Andrea Radford

  18. What I know is that when we were little Chris was a Star Wars freak....What I know is that we had numerous "real" talks about life, covering everything like being the chubby cousins to our Pie Pizza lunches to fancy Kingsbury parties with Lynda. What I know is that he had passion for Michelle, not just love...I remember him talking about how she was sooo special no ordinary proposal would do...he flew her to her favorite place (DC I think) and he was thrilled...not just happy when she said yes. What I hope is that there is pie pizza in Heaven, I hope Chris is with his Uncle Mike and his brothers laughing it up about something to drowned out the noise of the crying from those left behind. What I hope is that he knows we all love him. At all the funerals our family has had he was the one walking around asking the "real" questions, giving the BEST hugs and making everyone feel important. We will never fill this void. How lucky we are to have had you in our lives.
    I know we will see you again.
    Wendi and Chris (Bono)

  19. I was lucky enough to be a part of Chris's life for a few years but will remember him for a lifetime. He was a special person that I know had many friends but treated each individual as his favorite. He LOVED his children and his wife dearly. He treated each child he encountered with special care and enthusiasm. I was lucky enough to wrap my arms around Chris for a big bear hug last Tuesday when I saw him at the elementary school dropping Jack off. I will always cherish that. Michelle, I love you and you children dearly and you are in my prayers and thought.

  20. We love you Blue!
    God be with you til we meet again!
    Andrew and Karly (Kinnersley) Mellen and Family

  21. While in Denmark on our missions, I remember Blue saying, "One goal in my life is to make each person I meet every day smile." I honestly believe he did this -- how could one not smile when meeting Chris. He will truly be missed and my heart goes out to Michelle and the kids. You are all in my daily thoughts and prayers. May we all cherish our fond memories of Blue and keep smiling in honor of him.
    MaryAnn Lloyd Bria

  22. I have the funniest memory of Chris! It was the New Year's Eve Stomp in the Parley's Stake Center. We were bored, so two of my friends (there names rhyme with Ramy Nielson and Rarilee Evans) went outside with Chris, sat in a circle in the dark, and played kissing games. It was all very innocent, and so hilarious. The funniest part was that Chris was 2 years younger than we were...a big deal in High School! Oh Chris, how you brightened so many lives. You will be missed.
    Jenny (Briggs) MacDonald

  23. Chris was the crazy cheerleader that picked me out of a sea of Pep Clubbers in the Highland football stadium. I will never forget the hours spent listening to Sting, zipping around in the blue truck, and the happiness he brought to everyone when he smiled. Chris, you will be missed.
    Kristin Sheffield

  24. I remember spending an evening with Elder Christensen riding the train to downtown Copenhagen to attend "midnight mass" at Christmas time. I was a brand new missionary, feeling overwhelmed by the country, language, and lack of sleep. But I remember watching him that night and being utterly impressed by his enthusiasm, energy, smile, effortless way with people, and his love for the world around him. It was contagious! Thinking about him still puts a big smile on my face. He will be dearly missed. Thank you for the many gifts you shared with so many Elder Christensen!!

    Sister Amy Oscarson Carr
    Copenhagen, Denmark Mission

  25. The memories are too many for me to relate... Blue was one of those few select people that could make you feel joy and happiness when those feelings were farthest from your mind. I had the opporunity to spend many months serving with him in DK. Of all the absolutley, cherished memories and recollections I have of my time in DK, the experiences and events that I had with Chris are with out a doubt some of the most cherished.

    Thanks, Blue, for making some of the most difficult hours/days in my life livable and memorable!

    Ben Flint (DK 92-93)

  26. Chris had the biggest heart. He had genuine concern for those around him, and just made people happy! I remember talking to him after he started dating Michelle, he was so excited that he had found "the one". My heart goes out to his entire family, know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers!

    Andrea Wagstaff Binns

  27. Chris was crazy fun! Who doesn't laugh with him? Truly everyone's best friend. Anyone can talk to Chris for hours. I recently went to Disneyland and was reminded of what a big disney fan he was. We went in '91 for Senior trip and he educated us all on small details of the park, and rides. He even had suggestions about what rides to go on first and how to orchestrate the day. Sure enough, it was the most fun we had ever had there. I loved the open relationship that Chris had with his parents. Truly an example of unconditional love in the Christensen home. Chris reached out to everyone in High School and made everyone feel loved. Had a nice way of connecting with people. Chris reminds me of Litza's Pizza, Dragon books, So I Married and Axe Murderer, Newport Beach, Europe, and Highland. We will always remember Chris.

  28. it was simply impossible to be in blue's presence and not feel better about yourself and life. his infectious love and personality will i'm sure be missed by all he came in contact with. I've yet in my life to meet anyone else quite like blue, with seemingly boundless love and energy. My thoughts and prayers will always be with he and his beautiful family. And as always, whenever i think of blue, i will smile.

  29. I hope we can post more than once...because there is no way I can Remember Blue in just a few lines. For now, let me just say that Blue was the most loyal of friends, someone I loved very much, and has the distinction of paying me the nicest compliment I've received in my life. He probably wouldn't even remember it - just one in a long line of compliments he gave people - but it meant a lot to me at the time and still does.

    Blue, thank you being there and sharing a friendship for the last 20 years.

    More later,


  30. Michelle, as I have watched you come and go at the house during the past week, my heart has ached for your lonliness and pain. I watch the kids and how in their own innocent ways are trying to make sense of their loss. I watch the neighborhood long to have Chris on our street/ward again. What I wouldn't give to ease your pain. I miss knowing that he would eat my homemade cinnamin rolls, this was a GREAT distinction for me. I will miss being the "ex-wife" across the street and Chris playing along with Keaton's story JUST so Keaton wouldn't feel bad. I will miss watching him outside, with the kids, teaching them the finer points of the ipods, PSP's, iphones, DS's and Legos. The boys will miss their "living lego catalog". I will miss seeing him and Glen laughing and talking together, not knowing exactly what the story was. Sadie will remember his "larger than life" cereal bowls and wonder why. He made us all feel like a million dollars EACH time we encountered him. He loved you all so very very much. He simply loved. We have been so lucky to have experienced the love and beauty that your family has offered to us so willingly. We love you all dearly, we miss you, and we stand near whenever you need us. Love your neighbors, Annette & family

  31. Blue was my best friend - but then, he was a lot of people's best friend. That's just the way he was. He had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the world when he talked to you.

    I've known Blue for 20 years. I will cherish all of them - but especially the past few years when we'd been able to hang out more. From our weekly lunch dates, to midnight movies, to mid-day visits when he'd show up at my office just to say "hi". I will miss them all.

    We used to work-out (or tried to) 3 days/week at 6am. Although, sometimes those "workouts" turned into All-you-can-eat french toast at Hagerman's! "Working out" was more than just exercising. We had some of the best heart-to-heart talks in those early morning hours.

    I will miss Blue. My deepest sympathies go out to Michelle & the kids. My heart aches for the loss the world will have to endure.

  32. I wore a black shirt every day last week because I was sad that Blue is gone.

    I am wearing a blue shirt every day this week to honor and remember Blue. But I am still sad.

    Love you, brother.


  33. Sorry I haven't posted in so long.

    "I Wanted You to Know"

    I wanted you to know
    That I smiled
    When I thought about you today.
    And there it was
    - Just a moment -
    When the world was right again.
    And I was happy again.
    I think you would have smiled too,
    If you had been there.

  34. So Jen and I watched Christmas Vacation on Saturday - a classic - I remember how Blue used to love this movie. I found myself quoting all the things that Blue would have said on each particular scene. We all knew that movie pretty well - I guess seeing it a couple dozen times will do that to you.

    Merry Christmas to everyone who's remembering Blue this time of year, especially Blue's family, Michelle, and the kids.

  35. Happy Birthday Blue! A little bit belated, sorry about that! Okay, here's one of my fondest memories of Blue:

    He and I both loved video games in high school and college, and we loved to play Street Fighter on the Nintendo. One time, we were playing in his bedroom, sitting on his bed. Blue was so "into the game", at one point, he jumped up and crashed back down on the bed. We heard a tremendous "CRACK" - it was the bed breaking! The best part of this story is that like 5 minutes later, Blue was laughing hysterically about it, and how silly we were.

    Blue could brush off adversity and the sad times very quickly. My prayer for 2010 is that all his friends and family can do the same.

  36. Went to Disney with the family a couple weeks ago. Thought of Blue a lot! That guy loved Disney, and it was fun to be there with the kids and think of Blue every now and then. I realized how many pictures I have of Blue wearing Disney clothes...I had never really noticed that.

  37. I've been thinking a lot about Blue lately, but haven't had anything interesting to post. Today, I heard on the news that they are re-doing the Star Wars movies again, in 3-D this time. You know that Blue would have been first in line with his boys (and probably Kate too) to see that!

    Here's to Blue and to making sure a part of us never grows up.

  38. We did the 2nd Annual Blue WOD last week. Results and video here:

    We love and miss you, Blue!

  39. Chris,

    Although we didnt talk in some years, i always tell people about my 'best friend' in college. very few people have ever made me laugh the way you did. i found out today you passed away because i was going to email you to say hi and if you were ever in new york we should get together.

    I was excited about introducing you to my son, who's laugh is just as infectuous as yours was; you wouldve loved him.

    i miss playing vidoe games with you; i miss watching michigan football games with you; i miss when i was in my twenties feeling like i was a 10 year old boy again when we hung out.

    god bless you and your kids and your wife. you were a wonderful friend. as you said so often, which was kind of awkward for me, i love you buddy.


  40. Can't believe it's been so long since I posted. Still loving and missing Blue! Blue WOD coming up in less than a week - anyone who loves Blue should do it!

    Three rounds for time of:

    Row 500m
    21 Burpees
    Run 400m

  41. Recently, I started reading an old Dragonlance book, and it reminded me of Blue. He and I discovered mid-way through high school that we shared a love for these books - at the time, I didn't know anyone else who read them, and it was a bond I cherished as we grew older. Dragonlance books, as you may imagine, are fantasy fiction. Fantasy and Blue - yes, I think that fits together pretty well.

  42. Sometimes it's the little things. Many of you know that Blue was often very meticulous about things. Of course, that's just a nice way of saying he was a little bit obsessive-compulsive. I can say this because I am very much that way as well.

    In any case, I recall being at his house before a group date, and invariably we would be waiting in his room and he had just hopped out of the shower. He would come into his room in his boxers, and he would grab his deodorant, and he would swipe it repeatedly on his armpit...and you could hear him counting! 10 swipes on the right, another 10 on the left. No more, no less.

    So I was thinking of this the other day as I put deodorant on after my shower. And I realized I was counting the swipes in my head. And it reminded me of Blue.

    Sometimes it's the little things.

  43. Blue WOD 4/11/13 - thought a lot about you during. I hate this workout, but will always do it for you, man.

    A friend jogged my memory with this one, a favorite. Here's to playing StreetFighter with you at the 7-11 on 21st South and 21st East. (Don't bother looking, it was torn down years ago.) Looking forward to the time when we can have a Blanka vs. Zangief rematch, brother!

  44. Just scanned through some old e-mails from Blue. That guy always had something nice to say. I could hear his voice as I read the e-mails. Miss you buddy!

  45. Did Blue WOD 4/11/14. Can't believe it has been 5 years - it feels like a long time and yet just yesterday.

    Later, I was out running errands, and wearing my Blue shirt and somebody asked me what it meant. It felt good to share a little about Blue.

  46. I think about Blue a lot over the winter holidays. Blue loved Christmas. Honestly, he loved every holiday, but I think especially Christmas. Family and friends and good times. Plus, plenty of time off from school which allowed for many, many hours of Super Mario World or whatever video game he was currently into!

  47. "Blue" WOD 4/11/15. I could almost hear Blue cheering me on down the homestretch. It's funny in a way - we used to tease Blue about being a cheerleader. But he was really suited to be one! Can you think of any friend who cheered you on more than Blue? I cannot.

  48. Star Wars - the Force Awakens opens today...I think. Blue would have known for sure. He would have been camped out for the past week, with all manner of horror stories. And yet, he would have said it was totally worth it.

  49. Can't believe we're coming up on 7 years without Blue. Time moves on - don't forget friends and family. Tell them you love

  50. Did Blue on 4/11, and got a PR - 15:27. Happy Blue Day, everyone!

  51. Carrie Fisher died last month. I hardly noticed the event, but it probably would have brought a tear to Blue's eye... I'm missing Blue today, but I'm smiling - just like he always did!

  52. Was on vacation for Blue Day (4/11) this year, but I hit the workout anyway. Subbed DB high pulls for the row. It hurt but it felt good to honor Blue once again!

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  54. Blue remembered things very specifically. He used to tell me, "This is when we *really* became friends." In this particular instance, he had determined that it was in Rome on the Europe trip. We were rooming together for the Rome portion. I was sick and he was tired of the tour, so we hopped a bus back to the hotel and took a nap.

    You never know what a small thing to you might mean to someone else. This time we spent together was important to Blue. I'm glad that we had a chance to share that time together, and as Blue would say, "really become friends".